Board Retreat with LSUS-INAR

We are proud to partner with The Institute for Nonprofit Administration and Research at Louisiana State University Shreveport for the purposes of Board Governance and Strategic Planning!

The INAR faculty and graduate assistants will engage with the North Louisiana Jewish Federation in 4-6 hours of consulting in preparation for a board retreat to take place in February 2022.

During the retreat the following items will be covered (8 hour retreat):

  1. Board Member Evaluation and Discussion
    a. Evaluate the board members on their nonprofit management competency areas
    b. Discuss competency gaps and needs of the organization
  2. Mission/Vision/Values discussion
    a. Finalize mission/vision/values based on pre-work conducted by organization.
  3. SWOT Analysis Discussion
    a. Identify internal and external factors deemed favorable or unfavorable to achieving the
    organizational mission.
  4. Identify Core Future Strategies
    a. Identify preliminary strategic goals, objectives, action steps (including roles and
    responsibilities to carry out goals), and measurable indicators for determining success.

More Information about our partner:

The Institute for Nonprofit Administration & Research (INAR) was founded in 2001 to conduct research and disseminate knowledge about nonprofit organizations. INAR strives to elevate the future of the nonprofit sector through transformative education, impactful research, and professional development. INAR is housed in the College of Arts and Sciences at Louisiana State University Shreveport.

INAR builds the capacity of nonprofits locally and nationally through three programmatic
areas, including academic, research and consulting, and professional development.
INAR offers several academic programs, including a Minor in Nonprofit Administration and a
100% online Master of Science in Nonprofit Administration program for graduate students with 3 track options.

INAR conducts research to support nonprofits in the region and specializes in customer and
employee satisfaction surveys, customized promotional exams, focus groups, program evaluations,
community impact studies, and more. INAR offers noncredit courses, workshops, seminars, and conferences. Through their partnership with LSUS Continuing Education, they customize certificates based on individual needs and provide focused workshops for nonprofit employee cohorts.

Donor Highlight

The North Louisiana Jewish Federation is proud to manage the Betsy and Michael Levy Fund for Henry S. Jacobs Camp. Michael grew up in Shreveport, attended Jacobs Camp (1983-1990), and is still in close contact with many of his camp friends. The camp experience was formative for his Jewish identity, and he wants to share that with other potential campers.

Betsy and Michael live in Atlanta, Georgia and are the parents of Lilly (17 years old) and Sophie (15 years old). Michael is Past President of Jewish Family & Career Services in Atlanta, and he and family continue to be involved in the Atlanta Jewish community. 

Michael and Betsy set up the fund to be awarded to campers for the summers of 2022, 2023 and 2024. After careful planning with Federation member Helaine Braunig, they decided to focus on campers from B’nai Zion returning for a second or third year, or siblings of returning campers, since those characteristics are not usually covered by camp scholarships that typically focus on first time campers. 

Campers who received Levy funds in 2022 were invited to share about their camp experience at a Back to School and Back from Camp Shabbat service at B’nai Zion in August. One recipient said her favorite part of camp was meeting the counselors, some of whom were Israeli, and getting to hang out with them. Camp Director Anna Herman is thrilled about the partnership: “Jacobs Camp has always been about continuing the tradition of Judaism in the Deep South. Michael and Betsy’s gift ensures that our future Jewish leaders experience and grow through a fun, immersive, Jewish summer camp experience. We are so grateful for their support.”

The Federation is grateful for this collaboration, and thanks the Levy family for their generosity and thoughtfulness. 

If you are interested in learning more about making a donation for a specific project, please call or email the Federation for an individualized consultation.